Ruben Scheer

3d Design, Motion Graphics

Ruben Scheer

Web Design, 3d Design, Motion Graphics


Hi, my name is Ruben and I am a Sr. freelance 3d designer and motion graphic designer based in Amsterdam. From a young age I am interested in Multimedia design, which includes 3d design, motion design and graphic design. For 10 years I have worked for several ad agencies and studios in Amsterdam. In those years I gained a lot of knowledge about design and animation. I am working as a freelance 3d designer now for over 5 years and really love what I do. I have worked with ad agencies for big brands like Mercedes Benz, MG, Samsung, Booking(com) and Scotch and Soda. Please leave a message if you want to work with me.

Software that I use:

  • Cinema 4d
  • Octane
  • Photoshop
  • After Effects
  • Illustrator
  • Reason

Nowadays 3d design is very upcoming in design. Think of elements in video productions, social media advertisements, VR projects, blogs, and of course in TV-commercials. I really enjoy working on all of them. Small and bigger projects.

I would happily answer you phonecall if you have some questions!