Interesting / Abstract Objects made in 3d


3d design could be used for several ads. It is very popular nowadays and used in commercials, social media posts and ads. A couple of years ago I decided to create more 3d design and learn all the tools to create awesome images and animations / videos. Different kind of lighting techniques. Indoor, outdoor, interior, sun, you name it. Every techniques has it own mood.

The objects then need to have a material. Chrome, matte, plastic, rubber, stone, wood, metal, bricks, marble. The list goes on.

More of my work you can see on my instagram page.

Interesting3d Pyramid in abstract egypt3d Tube locked in cage with ballsDonut inside wired CageCube inside cage trap. With 3d ballsThe letter X trap in cage with 3d ballsABricksDoor2EmptyFleshHJKLeatherCircleIceCubePyramidNest2Trap2