Onetribe asked me to create a 3d animated teaser for Wajer Yachts.


This teaser animation video is a short promotional video designed to generate interest and anticipation for the new Wajer 44. It provides a brief glimpse / preview of the yacht, without revealing too much of the body. With the creation of several lights I created subtle highlights of the boat.


With spline camera animation, I defined a series of control points that specify the position and orientation of the camera at specific points in time. These keyframes are  represented as 3d points in space, and they are connected by spline curves, in my case a natural bezier curve, to create a continuous path for the camera.


There are different techniques used to simulate light emission in 3D rendering. One common approach is to use an emissive material, where the surface of the object itself emits light. This technique I used to create the glowing light that animates through the yacht. This proces was very laborious, since I had to create many 3d points in space to create a natural looking flow of the glowing 3d tube.


For the camera animation I made use of a spline on which the camera was set and animated along this spline. 


Agency: Onetribe