Together with Simon Sliphorst, Director and Creative Producer, I had a couple of creative meetings where we discussed the concept, what Yakult would like to see in the commercial and how we could create a 3d world that could tell the story in 15 seconds. A big challenge, but very rewarding at the end.


I applied video png’s as a texture to the 3d bottle domino piece. The projection is based on the virtual camera’s position and orientation, ensuring that the texture aligns with the virtual scene when rendered. Camera mapping, also known as projection mapping or camera projection, is a technique widely used in 3d motion graphics to integrate 2d images or videos onto 3d surfaces. It allows you to project or map a flat image or video in my case, onto the geometry of a 3d object, giving the illusion of the image being part of the three-dimensional environment.


Agency: SowiesoHelder